Jakub Kornfeil produces one of the most incredible saves in Moto GP history after jumping over downed opponent

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Check out the incredible footage below!

It’s a moment worthy of being in action movie, but Jakub Kornfeil saved this incredible jump for the French Grand Prix.

Competing in just the fifth race of the season, Kornfeil was seemingly set for a mid-placed finish with just two laps remaining.

However, as the Czechoslovakian driver headed into a dangerous corner disaster struck.

Italian driver Gianni Bastianini lost control of his bike and crashed.

Rather than follow suit and join in with the pile-up, Kornfeil showed incredible quick-thinking and ingenuity to jump over his rival and carry on the race.

Bastianinni was almost inevitably wiped out, but the 25-year-old managed to finish in a resepctable sixth.

Check out the incredible footage here!

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